Volume 65 - March & April 2017


The overall crane market is very slow at this present time, and it appears that Crane Hire Companies are not running at full utilization percentages, hence we are finding many companies cutting back their fleet sizes and some even closing down or moving their fleets back to Europe and selling via auctions because they don’t want to re- export. The general problem is that there are no new major projects on the horizon, and many companies are finding cash flow a challenge at present.

The demand for used cranes has therefore picked up, and generally if there is a bargain there is a buyer. This trend is based on South African markets, but not much different to countries such as Pakistan and Dubai that traditionally purchase large volumes of cranes. China is also still slow, and predictions are that China will not have any signs of growth this year.

Zoomlion International

The Research & Development Division of Zoomlion is working hard at developing new and the latest Technology Products, and we shall be seeing some new Crane Models shortly.

The introduction of the TRUCK CRANE with a normal conventional truck horse with a crane upper seems to be a positive trend, and Zoomlion has recently designed a 25 ton and a 55 ton. They are researching right hand drive models for introduction into the South African market.


In 2016 Crane Link introduced the first 150 ton All Terrain Crane to South Africa, these 150 ton cranes have a 72m main boom and this is ideal for tower crane work. These cranes have been performing exceptionally well.


Although sales are few and hard to find, we have been able to get a few orders in and working on some good prospects.

ELCON CONCORD CRANE HIRE purchased a Zoomlion QY25V and was delivered to their Richards Bay branch. Marcus from Elcon was very happy with his new addition to his fleet, he now has a Zoomlion QY50V and QY25V based in Richards Bay.

ERD FAB S.A. purchased a Zoomlion RT55. This is the first Zoomlion to be sold to this group, they decided to purchase a new Zoomlion RT55 55 ton Rough Terrain Crane as they wanted a crane with good lifting capabilities and able to work in confined areas to meet their company’s on-site requirements.

MARKS MACHINERY purchased a Tadano TL250M, Amir whom is well known in the Crane Industry purchased the TL250M for export.


We hold stock of all saftey products


Crane Link continues to offer the highest level of service, by holding a wide range of new cranes and used cranes in stock to ensure immediate deliveries to our clients.


Crane Link’s Technical Team and Workshop have been awarded a rebuild job of a Zoomlion QY50V that was unfortunately involved in some protest action. All the parts have been ordered and the team has started stripping the crane ready for the arrival of the new parts.


Crane Link’s Parts Department is busy compiling a list of spare parts that will be ordered within the month and sea freighted to South Africa. The sea freight cost really assists Crane Link in offering the most competitive prices possible.

If you have any requirements for parts that you may need that are not urgent, and you are prepared to wait the ocean freight time, please get in touch with Keagan at or Rob at

Zoomlion Capital Finance continued to be a great option for finance of the new Zoomlion cranes. This has grown year after year, and we are pleased to say that we will continue to finance new cranes in 2017 via this finance scheme.


Zoomlion has developed the new series of 4~5 tons which was launched March 2017. This new model is more elegant and user friendly than competitive models


Crane Link recently co-sponsored 60 Mountain Bike cyclist with new shirts.


With the demand for cranes being low, we have entered into an agreement to sell any brand of crane from stock in America. Let us know what you are in the market for and we can send you a quote.

Kind regards, Mark Bates

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